Sharpening the Saw

September 27, 2016 by Thorin Gault D.C.

This weekend I participated in a technique seminar in Toronto. This particular seminar was a ‘Basic’ or ‘fundamentals’ course in the system that we use as the core of Neurspinal Optimization in our office. I have probably done this specific seminar 10 or 12 times over the course of the 15+ years I have been studying this technique.

Why would I take the same course a dozen times? Is it because I am slow? Do I lack talent? Even if that were true, I would never admit it BUT that is not the reason I keep going back. I believe that in any important endeavour it is imperative to continually sharpen the saw.

Even though I already KNOW the material being presented and I put that material into practice at Nexus Chiropractic on a daily basis, it does not mean I cannot revisit it as a student, gain a deeper understanding, and refine my application with other doctors with the same objectives.

Major league baseball players have taken thousands of ground balls and seen thousands of pitches during their careers yet still practice daily and often work on specific improvements during the off season. Professional musicians practice for HOURS between performances. World class performers in all fields spend time refining their craft away from battlefield.


How often do we need to sharpen our saws? It depends on the person and it depends on what is being sharpened but in my experience quite often, especially if it is important to you.


What keeps most people from sharpening their saws on a regular basis is that it is not an urgent endeavour and therefore must be consciously planned. I don’t NEED to go to chiropractic seminars in order to do my job competently. It is a conscious choice.


At Nexus Chiropractic our Protection and Optimization plans – which are optional programs after an Initial Phase of Care (IPC) is completed – are essentially plans that sharpen your saw when it comes to the health of your spine and nervous system. Unlike the IPC where our goal is to make a correction and bring things back towards normal, Protection and Optimization are about preventing future problems and actually increasing your adaptability, health and performance. There is no crisis to deal with which allows us to focus more on progress.


To further sharpen your health saw, we also provide you the opportunity to participate in classes and special events through the office designed to help you get the most out of your care with us.


We have a very busy season ahead of us and a lot of saw sharpening. Upcoming events for patients will be:

Oct. 18th at 7pm – Somatorespiratory Integration Workshop – no cost

Nov. 8th at 7pm – Head to Toe Neurospinal Show – no cost

November – Date to be determined – An Evening of Transformation (a fee applies)

Nov. 22 at 7pm – Pain to Progress Workshop – no cost


I also have a busy personal Sharpening the Saw schedule:

Oct. 7-11 – attending Master-E program in Denver. Dr. Amanda covering Oct. 10.

Nov. 12 – attending Chiropractic program in Atlanta.

Nov. 19-20 – attending NSA Hands-on workshop in Gatineau.

Jan. 28-29 – attending NSA Level 2 seminar in Gatineau.


Your health is important. If you can shift your focus even slightly from crisis management to sharpening your saw you will see benefits both short and especially long term. There are lots of ways to do that, and we are here to help.

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